Kid Favorites: Wubbanubs

I’ve decided pacifiers are good and bad. Good – that they can help comfort your little one to sleep. Bad – that she doesn’t put it back in her mouth when she wakes up, so sometimes she has trouble getting herself back to sleep (or worse, that when she has a stuffy nose, it’s impossible for her to keep it in her mouth and breathe at the same time). 

But if you’re going to go the pacifier route, I love the Wubbanubs. Janis, our great night nanny, told us about the Wubbanubs before Sydney was born, and I bought several to bring to the hospital with me. They’re the only pacifiers Sydney or Sabrina ever used. (Luke never took to one.)

There are lots of positives about these – they stay in their mouth, they’re a pacifier and stuffed animal all in one and they’re easier to find in the crib (if you have a child that actually tries to find them) or in the diaper bag. The only downside is that they’re harder to sterilize than your average pacifier and the stuffed animal part needs to be gently cleaned every once in a while.