Kid Favorites: Pillow Pets Dream Lites

Our kids, like most I'd imagine, are not big fans of the dark. But the scientists say for their eyes, and brain development, and many other reasons, the darker the better. Only a quandary a mother could understand.

I think we've found a good middle ground.

The Pillow Pets Dream Lites are stuffed animals with lights on their backs. Our kids each have one in their beds (the kids chose two bears and a unicorn). When it's time to turn the lights out, we turn these on so that there is sufficient light in their room while they drift off to sleep. You can choose the timer setting, so that they automatically turn off after 15 minutes.

Problem solved - it's light enough in the room to fall asleep, but dark enough for their health while they're sleeping. 

Now if only I could solve all of my kids' problems with a $20 pillow, I'd be all set.