Kid Favorites: Swimming with Dolphins

A couple of years ago, Sydney’s favorite animals were dolphins and whales. I don’t remember how it got started, but like the other animal favorites before – goats, deer and rhinos – this fetish lasted a while. We enjoyed two months of Sydney playing exclusively with her dolphin and whale friends for tea parties, in the bath, to bring on adventures, to talk to, etc. I loved to listen to her talking to them. “Here’s your tea. Don’t worry, I have another fish for you!”

So when we booked our trip to the Big Island of Hawaii a couple summers ago, the first place Michelle called was DolphinQuest to reserve a spot for Sydney to swim with the dolphins. 

Sydney enjoyed everything but the dolphin splashing her in the face and the fact that, when it was over, she had not actually gotten to “swim” with the dolphins. When the class was over, she cried for 10 minutes, feeling very cheated. Even though we’d prepared her for how short it was going to be, and she'd watched the other classes every day for a week before it was her turn, she obviously expected something completely different than what she got, which was to pet the dolphin, feed him some fish and shake his fin.

Still, she said she'd do it again, so it's officially a "favorite" in my mind.

What are some of your kids' favorite adventures?