5 Things NEVER to Say to a Couple Trying to Conceive

The advice came pouring in as soon as everyone knew we were trying to get pregnant. It didn't bother me at first, but the longer we tried to get pregnant with no luck, the more frustrating it became. If you have friends or family trying to conceive, here's what NOT TO SAY to the fertility-challenged:

#1: God has a plan.

#2: Don't stress, it will all work out.

#3: You just need to go on vacation and eat some ice cream.

#4: Oh well, kids can be a pain in the a@@ anyway. 

#5: Are you sure you're doing it right?

What is okay to say? I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. I’m thinking of you. I’m here for you.

For those of you on the receiving end of the advice, keep in mind that most people are genuinely trying to be helpful, not hurt your feelings.