Funny Moments During Our Infertility Saga

You'll notice a theme here. Can you guess who the funny one is in this relationship?

#5. Chris playfully pretended to get up on the doctor's table and then freaked out when he realized there were metal stirrups under the colorful striped socks. I've never seen him move so fast or look so sheepish.

#4. Chris and Sydney had left me to be sewn up after the c-section and my OB said, "What was his height again?" Wait, what? His? I asked frantically, "It is a girl, right?" (I did not find this at all funny at the time! Don't mess with a woman who has her entire uterus outside her body!)

#3. Our cats decided to do a high wire act on our bed frame while we were trying to conceive. They definitely did not want us to have children. Now we see why. Cat tails are to toddlers like catnip is to cats.

#2. Chris decided it would be fun to create his own carnival ride on the doctor's chair, spinning round and round and round. He started turning green just as the doctor walked in. He jumped up so fast that he almost fell over. Dr. Vaughn raised his eyebrows, shook his head slightly, sighed (feeling a little worried for me having another child besides Chris?), and then moved on to the business at hand. 

#1. And the funniest moment of our saga... While we were waiting for the doctor, Chris turned the lights out, turned on the little flashlight connected to the table facing it toward my eyes, and screamed "WHERE ARE THE PLANS? WHERE ARE THE PLANS?" in his best German accent. I can't imagine what those nurses thought was going on in our room.

What's the funniest moment of your infertility saga?