5 Ideas for Celebrating Father’s Day for the Fertility Challenged

My wife and I barreled through three Mother’s and Father’s Days while we were trying to get pregnant. I decided they should be fun, celebration days instead of the alternative, which was moping around, stewing with frustration by our lack of success.

Here are five ideas for celebrating Father’s Day weekend for the fertility challenged:

caution sharks jpeg.jpg
  1. Celebrate with your father, father-in-law or grandfather and make the day about them. Gleefully ignore any comments they may make about having your own kids. 
  2. Choose the antithesis of a Father’s Day celebration. Take your significant other to the movies, followed by a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant where children are not likely to be out in numbers. Or if they are, act like a child right along with them and join in their merriment.
  3.  Do what other fathers with young kids can’t typically do! See a favorite band. Hop on a plane to watch your favorite baseball team, the College World Series or the NBA Finals. Climb a mountain. Jump out of a plane. Swim with sharks. Okay, maybe that's not such a great idea. But you get the idea.
  4. Borrow a kid for a couple hours (a niece/nephew or friend's kid), pop some popcorn and watch a kids' movie you haven’t seen since you were little. Little Big League, Big, ET, Star Wars, Goonies or any Disney movie.
  5. Call it “Hopeful-Father-To-Be-Day” and celebrate just like the rest of the dads in the world.